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About Sultan


 People go to a restaurant for several reasons. First is quality,

an important opportunity to eat well. Secondly, to experience a taste or learn something new about a cuisine you thought you knew before. Third, but not last- to join an unfamiliar culture. All of the above factors come together when you experience the best Mediterranean restaurant in Sunny Isles Beach, “Sultan”. Visit us and feel like you are on a short trip to the East. Authentic interior decor and style, unforgettable cuisine, courteous and tactful staff, will all culminate and make you feel like

an esteemed guest on holiday. 

The restaurant, although it adheres to oriental traditions, is quite multi-functional in the West. Enjoy not only dining in delicious various branches of "Sultan", but also order your food to go. So, for customers that demand Banquets, we ensure your satisfaction thanks to the many varieties of oriental dishes "Sultan" has to offer. This restaurant of eastern cuisine in Miami, not only boasts a variety on the menu. From soups, noodles, to hot snacks, and dishes in the Kazan. But, most importantly price and affordability will make this place a favorite for visitors with different financial opportunities.  



About Us

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